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MedEds 2015: Dubai airport: 2014Croatia workshop: Prague: publishing books

Editor's online resource and training course

How to publish better content - a course and resource

Editors-in-Chief and other senior editors are appointed because they are specialists. However, being specialists does not mean that they are automatically able to develop and implement strategic development plans for their the journal – developing its coverage, its services, its efficiency and its profile.


To help editors develop strategies for their journals, the Medical Editors’ workshop was launched in the mid 1990s and has been running successfully since then. Unfortunately, although face-to-face workshops are enjoyable and very useful, they cannot reach large numbers of editors, so the idea of an online course was born.


This course provides an online resource and guide for editors in all disciplines. The course/resource includes:

  • Structured, interactive, modular course
  • Extensive FAQs database
  • Monthly e-newsletter

The structured modules

The main course content provides the following modules

  • How to improve submissions
  • How to avoid & detect problem submissions 
  • How to control quality 
  • How to improve peer review 
  • How to use the Editorial Board  
  • How to make good decisions  
  • Creating a strategic action plan 

Each module (above) includes:

  • Short booklets covering the topics and providing hints and tips.
  • Interactive quizzes to test your assumptions and knowledge.
  • Case studies of real-life problems that allow you to select different solutions. These provide feedback on the implications of your choices, and conclude with some issues for consideration.
  • At the end of each module there is a guide to help you capture ideas and action points from the module.

A certificate of completion can be provided on request.

Editors' FAQs

The course also provides an extensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) database - so you do not need to follow the structured course to find the answers you need. Questions include:

  • How do I motivate the editorial team?
  • How do I manage ethical standards?
  • What are "lay summaries"?


E-newsletter, reminders and outreach


Editors are busy people, and it is easy to forget that you have access to this course. To extend the outreach of the course, you subscription to the course will also include:


A monthly email newsletter with news items and reminders about the course


This newsletter provides updates on what is happening in editing - new standards, recent ethical debates and other news that will inform all editors and keep you up-to-date


Test it out

To see the scope of this course and test out one module, non-subscribers can access a test site by clicking here. When asked to log in, select "Login as a Guest" (you will not be asked for username details).



The regular fee is £400 or US$540 for 1-year access.

This includes the monthly e-newsletter and a help desk. Discounts and waivers  are available for groups and individuals on a discretionary basis.


By subscribing you will have access for 1 year. The formal modules could be undertaken in one day - but the course is intended to be a longer-term resource, to be used when you have a question.

Sign up

If you would like to register for the course, or would like more information (including discounts for group bookings), please contact me using the link helow.

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