MedEds 2015: Dubai airport: 2014Croatia workshop: Prague: publishing books
MedEds 2015: Dubai airport: 2014Croatia workshop: Prague: publishing books

Journal editor courses

"Amazingly skilled at leading a group of people and elevating their knowledge" 2020 virtual course delegate


"The small group allowed for interaction. I learned a lot by combining your provided information with others' opinions" Virtual course delegate, April 2021


"Handbook in advance was great; breakouts were really valuable" Virtual course delegate, April 2021

Upcoming courses


  • The Oxford course for medical editors
    • The 2022 date for this course is not yet set. It is likely to run twice this year: once virtually and once in person, in Oxford. To register your interest and be kept informed of dates, please contact me.
  • Other courses for editors
    • No courses are yet scheduled for 2022, but if you are interested in a specific course, or would like to discuss a bespoke event, please contact me.

I run courses for journal editors around the world. These are strategic courses, aimed at helping editors develop their journals, publish higher quality content, and obtain greater visibility.


What editors will gain from these courses

Most editors work alone, fitting in their editorial duties around regular employment. There is limited support to help them to develop their journals, to work more efficiently, and to deal with uncertainties and problems. However most editors have accepted the position because they are passionate about their discipline and want to contribute to its development. They therefore want to make their journals more visibile, more impactful, and full of material that people want to read.


Course objectives

The courses combine pragmatic guidance alongside strategic decision-making, and are developed around the following objectives:

  1. How to obtain better quality content
  2. How to improve the peer review process
  3. How to make good publishing decisions
  4. How to deal with ethical and practical problems
  5. How to make greater impact
  6. How to develop and work effectively with editorial teams
  7. How to plan and implement a development strategy

And underpinning all of these are the ethics of research publishing, international standards, best practice guidance.


The workshops each have their own programme, which select from the objectives above.


What form do the courses take

The courses concentrate on group and practical work rather than formal lectures – active participation is encouraged. Participants are provided with a coursebook that includes extensive notes and background reading.


The courses are run with few delegates (15-20 participants normally), to enable active discussions. Editors join us from around the world and have a range of experience which adds to the value of the courses. We ensure that there is plenty of time for interaction and learning from other participants in addition to the course programme itself.


Who should (and should not) attend

The courses have been designed for those who want to ensure their journals meet international standards and are recognised as successful. They are particularly suitable for those in the early stages of their careers as an editor but will benefit anyone involved in managing or planning journals – some editors return to take the same course again after several years.


The courses are not aimed at meeting the needs of those looking for instruction on writing articles for publication, technical editing or peer review/critical appraisal. (Separate courses to meet these needs can be arranged.)


Course tutors

Pippa Smart: I am both a publishing consultant and EiC of Learned Publishing and have many years' experience of providing training to editors and publishing staff. Although based in the UK, I have worked with editors from all around the world. I am Past-President of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE) and a Director of the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME). 


Guest editors are invited to participate and share their experience.


Bespoke and in-house courses

I am able to offer bespoke courses for organizations, and have plenty of experience of running in-house workshops for editorial teams.


To learn more, or to request a workshop, please contact me.

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